Experiential Results

Experiential Results 10

Sophie and Dream Authors discuss the concept of Experiential Results, and why they’re so important; Should you try to enjoy all of your work/tasks, or not?; How to keep the free, energised feeling we have in our free/unstressed moments and take it over into our more stressful work phases; Realism and plausibility in our writing.

Experiential Results 9

Does it matter if you never think your writing is good?; when your relatives exclude you at Christmas – how to feel okay, and even pleased, about it; choosing between two ideas when one seems more exciting¬†but the other seems more fully formed and ready to go; does it matter if your literary novel has a jacket that’s more commercial?; should you start from scratch or revise your current ms? How to decide.

Experiential Results 8

Sophie’s story about The Universe and what it wants; what to do when your inner critic says ‘This is silly’ when you try to write; how to deal with ‘I’m not good enough’ feelings; how to ask people for help with your research; what to do if your agent doesn’t reply to your emails.

Experiential Results 7

How to handle an uncertain house-move situation; Why choosing/planning not to write can sometimes feel productive; How to feel good about working hard at writing when the results are invisible/when you feel you’re not making progress; Sophie coaches a DA on Success Resistance; Permission and Authority: how to use both to your advantage.

Experiential Results 5

Sophie’s update re her Poirot experience; a Dream Author’s ‘morning writing’ experiment, and why morning writing might work better; the benefits of taking the plunge and doing the thing you’ve been avoiding; how to make sure you don’t miss out on looking forward; choosing our likes and dislikes on purpose; why ‘dislike’ might be better than ‘disapprove’; Sophie coaches a Dream Author can’t decide what her book should be; is a boundary the same as a grudge?

Experiential Results 4

Sophie coaches a Dream Author on her unintentional and intentional models; how to approach backstory; senior or junior agent – which should you choose and why?; when Experiential Results clash with your Projects and Progress plans.

Experiential Results 2

How to remain confident when your last two books have been rejected; why it’s untrue that success creates more success, and failure creates more failure; a new Experiential Results exercise!