Experiential Results

Projects & Progress 21

Progress, projects, updates, Sophie’s new way of writing which is *amazing* and much better than her old way, and coaching on: when we fear our next book will be a disappointment, and how to visit the worst case scenario in the future in order to disempower it.

Experiential Results 14

It’s live coaching only in this session. Sophie coaches four Dream Authors, in dialogue format, on topics that include the crucial difference between tone/texture and pace, and when it’s okay to switch your focus and start working on something new.

Experiential Results 13

When you’ve had an offer from a publisher, but think it’s too low; why we don’t eat healthily and exercise, even though we know it’s good for us; what if there’s no choice but to give up on your dream?; what to do when your child has married someone you dislike; can/should you ask your agent to read two older books you wrote some time ago while they’re trying to sell your current book?; should you get an agent now or later, when you’ve previously done the book deals yourself and have just been offered another one.

Experiential Results 12

How to borrow your productivity thoughts from one project and use them to help with another; why there’s no such thing as ‘unresolved’ or ‘keeping your options open’; should you warn agents that your book is too long?; should you pay an editorial consultant?; what to do when your agent promises the same thing ten times and then doesn’t deliver; being the authority in your own writing career.

Experiential Results 11

The difference between achievement/productivity results and experiential results; should you work fewer hours (and earn less) to allow more time for writing?; how to generate more income from writing/writing-related activities
the different kinds of hooks, and working out which type you need; The P-Line – what is it and how does it help?

Experiential Results 10

Sophie and Dream Authors discuss the concept of Experiential Results, and why they’re so important; Should you try to enjoy all of your work/tasks, or not?; How to keep the free, energised feeling we have in our free/unstressed moments and take it over into our more stressful work phases; Realism and plausibility in our writing.

Experiential Results 9

Does it matter if you never think your writing is good?; when your relatives exclude you at Christmas – how to feel okay, and even pleased, about it; choosing between two ideas when one seems more exciting but the other seems more fully formed and ready to go; does it matter if your literary novel has a jacket that’s more commercial?; should you start from scratch or revise your current ms? How to decide.

Experiential Results 8

Sophie’s story about The Universe and what it wants; what to do when your inner critic says ‘This is silly’ when you try to write; how to deal with ‘I’m not good enough’ feelings; how to ask people for help with your research; what to do if your agent doesn’t reply to your emails.

Experiential Results 7

How to handle an uncertain house-move situation; Why choosing/planning not to write can sometimes feel productive; How to feel good about working hard at writing when the results are invisible/when you feel you’re not making progress; Sophie coaches a DA on Success Resistance; Permission and Authority: how to use both to your advantage.