Projects & Progress

Project & Progress 19

Sophie live coaches two Dream Authors; How to have the ‘Present Moment Lee Child’ experience!; Sophie’s thoughtword around making a movie – was it more/harder thoughtwork than usual?

Guest Speaker – Bec Evans

How to stay resilient while developing, writing and submitting your books; how to choose between ideas; should you stay with your agent when you don’t fancy sending them your new book, even though they’re lovely?; Sophie interviews Bec Evans, author of ‘Written’ – a brilliant book about productivity for writers.

Projects & Progress 18

How to improve a submission letter and synopsis; how to sharpen a blurb (by differentiating between a suspenseful question and the emotion of suspense); how to find suitable comparisons for your book (for submission package purposes); when you feel resigned to failure: why that happens and how to solve for it in order to create success; Sophie comments on a Dream Author’s structural reshuffle of her novel.

Project & Progress 16

Requirements (or suggestions) for the Projects and Progress strand; when you’re worried you won’t love your new book as much as the last one; how to think about spin-offs and standalones; do you need Beta readers?; what to do when a lack of confidence is getting in the way; investing in editorial treatments versus ‘the scientific/theory testing method’

Projects & Progress 15

How to choose between two approaches to the same goal; Unpicking a knotty day job situation; How to stop thinking you need to be/act like a different person in order to achieve your desired result; Dealing with a difficult sister.

Projects & Progress 14

What to do when your agent warns (threatens you); why choosing to do the wrong thing is better than lying to yourself; perimenopause and menopause for writers; polishing your novel on a sentence-by-sentence level; introducing three new Dream Author concepts: the ‘Not For The Likes of Us Line’, the ‘The Impossibility Borderline’ and the ‘Dream Goal Staircase’!

Projects & Progress 13

Sophie coaches on how to solve for the ‘adrift’ feeling after a book is finished, how to know when to write something new and when to persevere with your current project, and much more.

Projects & Progress 12

The problem with thoughts like ‘I’ll hit the ground running in the New Year; how to plan to write in a way that tempts you; what to do when you don’t want to send your book out to any more agents; Iris Murdoch’s ‘eggs and baskets’ advice for writers; how to choose (between anything and anything!) when your instincts are leaning one way but you’re still not sure;vwhy rejection can be good for our books.