Grammar & Style 2

Sophie discusses the difference between ‘that’ and ‘which’, when ‘try and’ might work instead of ‘try to’ and the difference between ‘If I were…’ and ‘If I was…’

The Formula

Sophie outlines the formula to follow if you want to be a happy and successful writer. It’s simple, but not easy! (Apologies for the sound quality. But persevere, because the content is great even if the sound isn’t!)

Rigidity versus Flexibility

Sophie discusses a handy way to judge, in the moment when a choice needs to be made, how to decide whether to stick with your current track or change direction.

Thoughts as Clues

Sophie and Dream Authors explore what happens if we separate out thoughts and beliefs, become aware of the difference, and start to treat our thoughts as a clue to our beliefs.

Yes or No?

Sophie talks about how we can benefit from starting with ‘Yes and no’ before we move on to ask ‘Yes or no?’ Also: what are the factors that might lead us to ignore our intuition when, deep down, we know it’s a ‘no’ but continue to pretend it’s a ‘yes’?