Feeling the Solve

Sophie introduces and unpicks a crucial concept, particularly of use to crime writers: the importance of feeling the solve, and how to create that essential feeling in readers of ‘Aha! Yes, I can feel everything falling into place.’

The One-Page Plot

Sophie introduces The One-Page Plot exercise, and explains why it works so well. Also: how to play fair with the reader when you're using an unreliable narrator.“The experience of having a book rejected and then realising later that you wouldn't have wanted to put it...

Taking Fun Seriously

Sophie talks about the Hows and the Whys of Taking Fun Seriously. Also: The Double Best Method — how to use it when you have a joint decision to make with someone else.

Grammar & Style 2

Sophie discusses the difference between ‘that’ and ‘which’, when ‘try and’ might work instead of ‘try to’ and the difference between ‘If I were…’ and ‘If I was…’