Dream Author

How to think and what to do
to make your writing dreams come true

Learn how to apply clear, powerful concepts and take small, regular steps towards making your big, life-changing dreams come true.


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“You’re telling yourself it was silly of you to get your hopes up. Why? If something good happens – an early sign that an agent is keen, for example – then it’s absolutely right to get your hopes up. Even better: you could have your hopes up even before you send your manuscript out. And if your manuscript is rejected, you can and must still keep your hopes up in order to work on your next move from a position of rational optimism – to plan most effectively what to do next. It’s only your strategy that needs to change according to the results you get; your hope levels can remain permanently high, unaffected by the kind of exhausting mind drama that writers are so good at creating! Once you truly understand all this, your results improve noticeably.”