Books by Dream Authors

“Worry serves no useful purpose. All it achieves is to spoil our enjoyment of now. Right now, you are creatively and financially successful from your writing. There’s no way of telling what’s in the future, but being unhappy and worried now, while things are going well, will make you less able to create success in the future, not more able — less prepared, not more prepared — because our brains get brilliant at doing whatever they practice doing all the time. So if your mind is currently practising feeling much worse than your situation warrants, that’s what it will become expert at doing! And that won’t help you if your career hits a rough patch. You’ll be so practiced at negative thinking that you’ll be in danger of perceiving the rough patch as a disaster and an invitation to give up. Instead, practice thinking, ‘My writing career is going brilliantly at the moment. It couldn’t be better. And whatever happens in the future, I’ll always create new success.’ And then, whenever you need to, you’ll believe that you can.”