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Lots and lots of Coaching. Courage. Always Moving Forward. Masterclasses. Models. Concept Classes. Literary Diagnostics. Big Dreams. Unlimited Belief. Writing Exercises. Guest Speakers. Book Club. Thought Auditions. Coffee Mornings. Lovely People. Beautiful Orange Dream Author Notebooks. Giving Yourself Permission. Becoming the Authority in Your Own Life. Friendship. Fun. Ambition. Experiential Results. Making Progress on Passion Projects…

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I was coaching someone the other day and she said she wanted to give up on her writing dreams because the hope was killing her. I told her that, if this were a murder mystery plot, I would have a huge twist in store for her…because hope does not kill anything or anyone. ‘Hopeful’ is a fantastic emotion that, in its pure and undiluted form, makes us feel great. ‘So what might the true killer be?’ I asked her. ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I just keep thinking that it’s so painful, having all this hope and doing all this work, knowing it might all end in failure.’ ‘Interesting,’ I said. ‘And when you think that thought: “All this hope and work might end in failure”, what do you feel?’ ‘Utter despair!’ she said. That was how we established that it was despair that might kill her dreams, not hope.

In Dream Author, we eliminate despair (which is absolutely doable), distil and harness hope, add it to massive action with unlimited belief, and move forward to turn our dreams into reality.