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Once you’ve enrolled in the Dream Author Advanced programme, I’d love to hear from you and find out: what successes and steps forward have you created for yourself since you first joined Dream Author? What have you learned and achieved, and what do you still want to learn and achieve?

One of the things I teach in Dream Author is that there are no wrong decisions. Whatever decisions we make and act upon will bring us results, and results are always useful data. If we don’t like the result of a previous decision, we can always make a new one to bring about a new result that we plan to like a whole lot more! I am a passionate advocate of ‘Upsideology’. What is that? I hear you ask. ‘Upsideology’ is the name I invented for this belief, which is a central tenet of the Dream Author philosophy: whatever has happened in the past, whether we experience it as a positive or a negative, we can always use it to make what comes next better. 

But…we need to make sure we’re using this thought – this belief that there are no wrong decisions – in the best and most helpful way. If we have to make an important decision about our writing career or project, and we keep thinking to ourselves like a mantra, ‘There are no wrong decisions, no wrong decisions, no wrong decisions…’, then we’re in danger of believing something deeply unhelpful: that it must follow that there are also no right decisions. And if we believe there are no right decisions, that’s likely to make us much more reluctant ever to decide anything. Why bother deciding at all if there’s no right decision to be made? Right?! How can we ever feel confident about anything we choose if there’s no right or wrong?
Here’s the answer: of course there is a right decision to be made in whatever situation you might find yourself in. The right decision is the one you most wholeheartedly want to make, for a reason or reasons that you love and are proud of, and based on the best of your thinking and knowledge at the moment of choosing. And if you make every choice in this way, it will be, and remain, the right choice…even if you don’t, ultimately, like the result. That’s what ‘no wrong decisions’ truly means: that instead of looking back and thinking, ‘Damn, I made a mess of that and got it all wrong,’ you will always be able to think, ‘That was absolutely the best and right decision for me at the time, and it was the only decision I could have made in that moment.’ No regrets!”