Congratulations on the amazing work you’ve done so far in Dream Author.

This programme has helped hundreds of writers to gain clarity, believe in themselves and their goals, be their own strongest advocate and highest authority, make great choices, develop helpful new habits and secure wonderful agent and publisher deals – sometimes after heated auctions! It has also helped dozens of writers to launch and/or pursue successful digital-first or self-published writing careers.

And now, I’m incredibly excited to tell you all about The Dream Author Experience (featuring the Advanced Dream Author programme). This is a membership programme, renewable annually, for those of you who want to build on everything you’ve learned in Dream Author, and take your active pursuit of your Dream-Goals to the next level, as well as exploring some key coaching concepts in much more depth.

Please do not join The Dream Author Experience until you’ve completed at least twelve months in the regular Dream Author programme.

The Dream Author Experience includes all the following goodies:


1) Coaching from me, in written form (email) or in the next Webinar, whenever you need it. I’m a quick responder, an expert coach, and I’m always on the case!

2) If you want a more conversational coaching experience than the usual ‘Webinar style’, there’s a live coaching call nearly every week, in which I live-coach Dream Authors, sometimes about writing and sometimes about other life challenges and problems. Sometimes the coaching calls are a mixture of the two – so you can get general life coaching as well as coaching about your writing. (I recently saved a Dream Author’s marriage in one of our live coaching calls!)

3)  ‘Projects and Progress’ group coaching calls, focusing on any issues people are having in relation to scheduling, productivity, procrastination and motivation.

4)  ‘Experiential Results’ group coaching calls, focusing on how you’re feeling and what kind of day-to-day experience you’re having as you pursue your Dream-Goal.

5) Very occasional (and entirely optional) ‘Dream Authors Coach Dream Authors’ coaching calls, in which you will have the chance to apply everything you’ve learned while coaching your fellow Dream Authors.

Writing Inspiration & Taking your Writing to the Next Level

6) Literary Diagnostics sessions. These are a firm favourite with our current cohort! For these sessions, you can submit short pieces of writing and you’ll receive in-depth line-by-line editorial analysis, aimed at diagnosing why agents or publishers might not be making offers, and/or why your writing might not yet be working as well as it could. These sessions will teach you how to look at your work more deeply and strategically in order to take it to the next level.

7) Writing Exercises – many of which are designed to be done with your work-in-progress in mind, in order to enable you to get a fresh perspective on it.

8) Video Masterclasses on subjects that include: ‘Writers and Money; Marketing and Social Media; How to Write an Amazing Crime Novel; Ethics and Writing; Zooming In and Zooming Out (in relation to your writing.’

There’s also a treasure trove of previous Dream Author masterclasses for your explore, on topics such as: Feeling the Solve (in crime fiction), The Double Best Method, Thought Auditions, The One-Page Plot and Taking Fun Seriously.

9) Submission package feedback. Have agents or editors been turning down your pitch letter, synopsis and first chapter? Send in your submission package and we’ll help you to make it irresistible.

Dream Author Concepts, Tools & Self-Coaching Exercises

10) Once a month there will be a ‘Concept Class’ that will be an interactive Zoom seminar/discussion, focusing on a different key Dream Author concept each time. Topics will include many that we have touched on already: Upsideology, Success Resistance, Taking Thoughts and Feelings from the Future, etc. In each class, we will look at how that particular concept is relevant to whatever Dream Authors are grappling with in their lives and in their writing.

11) Chapters and Exercises. Remember those Monday/Mini Missions and Dream Author workbooks? Well, there are twelve new ‘Chapters’ (audios lessons – similar to the old, traditional podcast episodes) in which I teach and explore central Dream Author themes. Each one is accompanied by three or four Exercises. The Chapters cover topics that include: Confidence and Self-Confidence, Writing Relationships, Solving the Right Problem, Money Money Money and Experiential Results. You can listen to these Chapters and do the Exercises whenever you want to – there’s no pressure or hurry about any of it.

The Dream Author Community

There is no obligation to be part of this. Some people prefer to do all their Dream Author work as a completely private thing and without interacting with anyone. That is totally fine.

12) The Dream Author Share Point — a hub of wisdom, to which you will be invited to submit insights, lessons you’ve learned, or anything else that you think might be helpful to other Dream Author Experience members. This is your opportunity to contribute some teachings to the programme! Whenever you have something you want to contribute, you’ll send it in and, as long as there’s nothing in it that we can’t post for any reason, we will put it up at The Share Point so that other members can learn from you.

13)  The Dream Author Facebook Group and Slack Channel – Would you like to chat to other Dream Authors and Sophie online? Then why not join the Dream Author private Facebook group? The link is here:

Request to join and you will be ‘approved’!

We also have another Dream Author ‘chatty place’: our Slack channel. Email and say you want to join, and we’ll sort it out for you!

14) The opportunity to graduate –  From spring 2025 onwards, we will host regular annual Dream Author graduation events, probably either in London or Cambridge. These will be whole-afternoon events, preceded by lunch or followed by dinner, and they will be our opportunity to celebrate everything youve learned and achieved since you joined first joined Dream Author many moons ago. You will receive a graduation certificate reflecting whichever programmes youve graduated from. And if youre unable to attend the graduation event in person? Weve got you covered: we will find a way for you to join us via a Zoom link!

15) Retreat Opportunities* – See the Retreats page for full details of our wonderful in-person retreats at a range of beautiful locations.

16) Occasional Coffee Mornings and Cocktails Evenings – on Zoom. Bring your own coffee, mocktail or cocktail!

Extra Goodies/Fun Stuff

17) Gorgeous free notebooks!! You can claim yours as soon as you join! Just email and she’ll post your new notebook straight out to you.

18) Book Club – once every few months we have a fun, chatty reading group session. Dream Authors get to suggest books! Books we’ve discussed so far include Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun, Daphne Du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel, Agatha Christie’s The Rose and the Yew Tree and Robin Sharma’s The Everyday Hero Manifesto.

19) Guest Speakers – So far we’ve had Dreda Say Mitchell, Katie Fforde, S E Lynes, CEO Hilary Strong from International Literary Properties, and many others, with lots more exciting guests to come.

20) A Dream Author book will very soon be announced! And a Dream Author podcast to accompany it. Members of The Dream Author Experience will be invited to contribute to one or the other, or perhaps even both!

Phew!! That’s a lot of goodies, isn’t it? Remember, making the most of The Dream Author Experience doesn’t mean attending every session or doing everything. Really, it doesn’t. Think of it like Netflix: it’s great to have a lot of choice, and you are by no means expected to do everything. Audios and videos will always be sent out the next day and put up on the website in due course, so you never need to worry about missing anything. And you will be guided through the programme in a very structured way, with weekly emails from me suggesting what you might want to focus on each week.

And finally…you will of course get full access, for the duration of your membership of The Dream Author Experience, to all the materials and content from the original Dream Author programme. So if you haven’t yet looked at some of the workbooks or mini-missions, they’ll all still be there for you to dive into.

How much does it cost?

Membership is £750 for one year. You can pay in two instalments of £375, or in twelve instalments of £62.50. When your membership year is nearly complete, we’ll get in touch and ask if you’d like to renew

Please make sure you’re logged in with your normal Dream Author username and password before using one of the forms below. This is VERY important!

To pay for your first year’s membership in 2 instalments of £375 each, sign up here:

Or, to pay for your first year’s membership in 12 instalments of £62.50 each, sign up here:

Dream Author Experience Terms and Conditions

1) You agree to pay the full membership fee in your chosen number of  instalments.

2) You understand that the programme fee is per person, for your sole use, and that all The Dream Author Experience content is copyrighted. You agree not to share these materials with any other person, or otherwise redistribute them, without written permission to do so from a representative of Dream Author Coaching Ltd.

3) You understand that the Dream Author website might periodically be limited, modified or suspended, and that no financial compensation will be payable to you should this happen.

4) You understand that the downloading and use of The Dream Author Experience materials and content is undertaken at your own discretion and risk, and that Dream Author Coaching Ltd is not responsible for any results or for any claims including, without limitation, any damages to your computer system that results from downloading content from the Dream Author website.

5) You understand that The Dream Author Experience membership community is a social network in which personal information may be exchanged between participants. You are entirely responsible for deciding how much of your personal information you wish to share in the community. Dream Author Coaching Ltd will not share, sell, or rent the personal information of its members to third-party businesses, however, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any of the information you choose to share in the community. By taking part in this Community, you agree to keep members’ information confidential.

6) Children are not eligible to use our services unsupervised and we ask that children (under the age of 18) do not submit any personal information to us. If you are a minor, you can use this service only in conjunction with permission and guidance from your parents or guardians.

“One of the things I teach in Dream Author is that there are no wrong decisions. Whatever decisions we make and act upon will bring us results, and results are always useful data. If we don’t like the result of a previous decision, we can always make a new one to bring about a new result that we plan to like a whole lot more! I am a passionate advocate of ‘Upsideology’. What is that? I hear you ask. ‘Upsideology’ is the name I invented for this belief, which is a central tenet of the Dream Author philosophy: whatever has happened in the past, whether we experience it as a positive or a negative, we can always use it to make what comes next better. 

But…we need to make sure we’re using this thought – this belief that there are no wrong decisions – in the best and most helpful way. If we have to make an important decision about our writing career or project, and we keep thinking to ourselves like a mantra, ‘There are no wrong decisions, no wrong decisions, no wrong decisions…’, then we’re in danger of believing something deeply unhelpful: that it must follow that there are also no right decisions. And if we believe there are no right decisions, that’s likely to make us much more reluctant ever to decide anything. Why bother deciding at all if there’s no right decision to be made? Right?! How can we ever feel confident about anything we choose if there’s no right or wrong?
Here’s the answer: of course there is a right decision to be made in whatever situation you might find yourself in. The right decision is the one you most wholeheartedly want to make, for a reason or reasons that you love and are proud of, and based on the best of your thinking and knowledge at the moment of choosing. And if you make every choice in this way, it will be, and remain, the right choice…even if you don’t, ultimately, like the result. That’s what ‘no wrong decisions’ truly means: that instead of looking back and thinking, ‘Damn, I made a mess of that and got it all wrong,’ you will always be able to think, ‘That was absolutely the best and right decision for me at the time, and it was the only decision I could have made in that moment.’ No regrets!”